Two Steps on How to Get Her Back

Two Steps on How to Get Her Back

Before anything else, I want you to answer these two questions

Q1: Do you want your ex girlfriend to crawl back to you again?

Q2: Do you want her to forget all your mistakes?

If you answer yes to these questions, then here is how it is possible.

I am Richard and I helped lots of guys in getting their ex girlfriend back. In my long career as relationship coach, I learned one most important thing that I will reveal today.

It does not matter if she starts dating with someone else

EVEN it does not matter if your relationship ended because of Infidelity

EVEN she says, she hates you

There is STILL a possiblity to get her back

I know lots of guys that get their ex girlfriend back from WORST situation


I am sure you also get her back with little effort


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If you arrive here by searching how to get her back then you come to right place because in this page you going to find some steps that help you in getting her back.

Before anything else I like to say two questions from you.

Are you missing your girlfriend?

Are you missing her smile, love, romance and all those moments you spend together?

how to get her backIf yes, you are not alone. There are many men that are suffering from breakup and they want to get their ex girlfriend back. If you also broke up with your girlfriend and want to get her back then you need to win her heart again. It happens in every relationship when relationship needs to face some hard times and breakup is one of the hard feelings from which your relationship is currently suffering. May be your girlfriend does not give you any love signal but she still love you. It is not easy for girls to forget all lovely past memories of her boyfriend.

Problems starts coming in relationship when we get busy in our daily life and forget to give proper time to our girlfriend. Girls fully devote herself into her relationship but when she starts feeling her boyfriend does not giving proper time to her then negative feelings start building in her mind which becomes the primary cause for the breakup.

When I lost my girlfriend after breakup, those days are very painful for me. Whatever I do my mind starts remembering me those lovely moments that I spend with my dream girl. I really want to get her back but I do not know from where to start. I start searching how to get her back and finally found the way to get her back. It teaches me complete step by step way to win her heart again and all I did was I win her heart again. Yes, if you also need to get her back you only need to win her heart. You did it in past, you know your girlfriend and you know how to win her heart again. Once you win her heart it does not matter what mistake you did in past or whatever reason for your breakup is, she will throw out all negative feelings from her mind and come back to you. But, remember it is you that need to do first action and then just wait and see her coming back to you.

It does not matter why you both break your relationship, it is love that matters a lot in getting her back. If there is true love in your relationship you will get her back sooner or later.

Ok, let’s start with the first step to get her back.

First Step of How to Get Her Back:

In this first step you are going to understand women heart. Most of the women are not crazy for money and fame instead they need lot of love and romance from her boyfriend. Before winning the heart of your girlfriend let’s talk about women heart.

get her backWhen any woman bonded herself in relationship with her boyfriend, she does two things. First she creates beauty and second she takes away pain. In relationship, woman does her best to dress herself sexy and desire attraction from her boyfriend. She willing to do her best to make her boyfriend happy and enjoyable (create beauty) and when she sees her boyfriend in stress or pain, she rubs his shoulder, hugs him and try to take pain away from her boyfriend (take pain away). A woman is fully devoted herself into the relationship and do her best to make her boyfriend feel happy and enjoyable but, in return she needs something from her boyfriend also. These things are a true partner, motivator and a true man.

A woman needs a true partner which helps her from every problematic situation. She needs someone to talk when she is in trouble or stress. She needs partner that will solve her problem quickly. Similarly, woman wants her boyfriend motivate her and encourage her all the time. When she dresses herself sexy she expects her boyfriend to give a good compliment. She does numerous things without any reward but she needs a true man that listen her, understand her and feel her emotion. She does not need man to start crying with her on problematic situation instead she needs man that listen her, understand her and come up with the solution of the problem. If you come up with the temporary solution like massaging her back, hugging her etc it will reduce the pain for sometime but, a negative feeling born in your girlfriend minds that you did not solve her problem. And if you come up the solution of the problem your girlfriend is going to respect you a lot more than before.

You need to complete understand your girlfriend heart and if she does not want to talk with you accept her decision and allow her some time to think. You can’t change the decision of your ex by arguing with her. Accept her decision and give some weeks to think.

Second Step to Get her Back:

RomanceYour second step should be working on yourself. I know it is very tricky situation already in your relationship and leaving her alone is like forgetting her forever but it is important you need to stop talking with her for some time and in this time try to do things that you like to do.

There are four things you can do in this situation.

First is, relax and get some rest. Once relationship is break, don’t get me wrong but it takes some time for the patch up. You never get her back overnight you need to stop messaging her and get back in your life.

Second is, Eat Healthy. Your health is very important that is why don’t start eating like a machine. Instead start giving more importance to your food and health.

Third is, Exercise regularly, exercises have multiple benefits. Exercises help your body to lose unwanted fat and it also help in developing positive thinking.

Fourth is, spend time with your friends. Your friends are the biggest asset in getting her back. You need to spend time with your friends and try going dinner with them.

Last few words:

In last I like to say if you want to learn how to get her back then you need to understand her heart, feelings and emotions. It is good to allow her some time to think and in these days do all four things that are mentioned above.

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